Chapter 1: US Case Law Project

Enrichment Learning:  Investigating US Case Law

“How Case Law Has Shaped Our Rights”

Instructions:  Using the following web link, and any other legitimate case law web link, research 1 US Supreme Court Landmark cases and develop a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation to illustrate its impact on our country, society, and culture.


  1. 5 Slides to include a title and ending summary slide
  2. Each case must be presented on 4 slides
    1. Slide 1: Overview of case / Plaintiffs Arguments
    2. Slide 2: Defenses Arguments
    3. Slide 3: Summary of courts decision and which amendments it used in its decision or which amendments were created based on this landmark case.
    4. Slide 4: How this case had an IMPACT on change or current laws.
    5. Slide backgrounds must be appropriate
    6. Simple effects are required
    7. Content must be written professionally and NOT copy and pasted.
    8. Once your presentation is complete you will create a blog page called, “Landmark Cases” and import your powerpoint presentation into your weblog(I will instruct you on how to do this).

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