Thurgood Marshall Assignment

The US Constitution and Amendments were designed to not only create the structure of our government, but to also allow for the interpretation of our current laws.  Since we are an ever evolving country, laws have been interpreted and clarified through the US Supreme Court. These Case Law decisions have set the PRECEDENT of the land whereby all future cases shall be framed around previous US Supreme Court decisions.

Thurgood Marshall was one of THE most influential American citizens that a rose to power to stand for human rights/civil rights amongst African Americans.

In this essay you will follow the life of Thurgood Marshall and discuss how is his life, growing up, influenced him to become an active advocate of African Americans and discuss in DETAIL how his adult life, from University of Brown to Brown V Board and beyond) changed the landscape of American law. You must site cases and amendments that were the center of his fight for equality.

Also answer this question: Why is it so important to learn about a person who has achieved as much as he did?

2 Pages – Double Line Spaced  / Printed  / posted on your blog under a new page called “Thurgood Marshall”