Chapter 4: The Law of Torts

A crime is considered an offense against the public at large and is therefore punishable by the government. A tort is a private wrong committed by one person against another. The person who is wronged in a tort will try to recover money as compensation for the loss or injury suffered. Sometimes people are simply careless and cause injury to another person, damage to property, or both. Injury caused by a person’s carelessness is called negligence. In this chapter, you will begin to understand tort law so you can protect yourself legally.

Legal Web Links: Need to Know More?
Surf the Internet for legal Web links.
The American Bar Association’s Web site section on business law.

Chapter 4 Text


1. Read pages 57-58 in your textbook chapter 4 (link provided above) and define in detail the following:

Strict Liability-


Survival Statutes/Wrongful Death Statutes-

Examples of both:

Remedies for Torts-

2. Page 59 Complete the Language of the Law Vocabulary Assignment in your weblog!



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